Power Concepts, Inc. Testimonials

Please extend my thanks to Tony and the great two-man crew who did the electrical work on my house. They were there early to start the work, (a huge bonus!) and did a great job of rewiring our outside lights and providing maintenance for the generator. Of particular note is that they solved the mystery of why the hot tub isn’t fully powered. I originally thought the hot tub needed a bigger circuit to plug into. They did a thorough search of our wiring, the motor- using a cell phone camera to photo the specs on the motor housing, and the paperwork left by prior owners for the hot tub and found that it wasn’t the wiring but a hot tub that conveyed to us with a cheap undersized motor to replace a burned out motor. Great work that saved me $300 dollars! I would recommend Power Concepts Inc. to all homeowners who want good service by friendly courteous professionals. Julie C. 4/20/2017

"Thank you again for coming to my rescue!" Arlene S. 11/25/15

“Great Job for me! Thanks for your help.” Frank M. 10/04/16

“Thank you for the terrific work your team did on our home! They were knowledgeable, creative, thoughtful, and diligent. We are looking forward to doing more work with Tony, you and your team soon!” Ed B. 9/30/16

“The squeezed me in on an emergency basis and were very prompt and efficient.” Josephine G. 7/26/16

“Great customer service! Tony, Nicole, Amanda and Adam were great to work with. We couldn't be happier with their prompt service, professional and courteous team! THANK YOU!” Diana C. 6/24/16

“Awesome service on our community's street lights. It's hard to find good service providers these days and Power Concepts was quick and got the job done correctly the first time.” H.F. 4/14/15

“In my search for a contractor, I contacted between 8 and 10 electricians (I was looking to get 3 to 4 estimates, but quite a few of these folks never got back to me, and a few made appointments but blew me off without a word.. Power Concepts, Inc. was the first to get back to me. They set up an appointment for the estimate right away, they showed up on time and were very thorough. They got back to me the next day with a written estimate with an accurate statement of work. All told, I received a total of 4 estimates: $1750, $2500, $3400, and $4500 - the low one was such a low-ball I didn't trust it. The high one was significantly higher price... I might have gone with the $2500 estimate, but they had taken a bit too long to get back to me and their description of work was not quite as I wanted. Power Concepts had a clear statement of work that matched exactly what I wanted, and their punctuality said "we want your business, and we will get things done promptly". After being outright blown off by several contractors, I valued this attitude greatly. When I said I wanted to move forward with the work with them, they explained that I needed to contact my electric company to put in a disconnect/reconnect request (Apparently, that's how Shenandoah Electric Cooperative works... Power Concepts knew this and told me exactly what to ask for). Once I gave the workorder number to Nicole at Power Concepts, she worked with them to get the scheduling done and called back that day to tell me we were all set up for the 5th (about 1.5 weeks time - very quick turn around) I was called the day before the appointment by Nichole to confirm they'd be here at 7:30 Am and that the disconnect was set for 8:30am. The Power Concepts work crew showed up about 20 minutes early... This was a teeny bit inconvenient, as I hadn't quite finished making my coffee and preparing my generator (I work from home, so this is kind of important to me) for the disconnect. However, I'd rather a little early than late, and they waited for me to give them the go-ahead before starting to disconnect anything. They were ready for the power company crew when they came to do the main disconnect, having done as much prep work as they could without the mains off. The new panel was going in when the inspector showed up - he was about an hour early. The Power Concepts crew spoke with him and arranged for him to return at 11:30, and they worked quickly to get everything in place and were prepared for him when he returned. The inspection went through just fine, and the Power Concepts crew had started to get the circuits up and running within an hour. They had restored full power to the house by about 2:00pm, and spent the next 3 hours finishing up the new conduit and sub-panel run. They had to do a bit of poking at the various breakers to properly label things, but they were done with the job by 5:00pm. There was one small issue - they had run out of sealant for the location where the conduit emerged from the house. The electrician said he'd come back the next day to finish that up, and he showed up as promised and took care of the final sealing of the feed line where it exited and re-entered the house. This was a lot of work to accomplish in one day and the crew was professional and polite and kept me informed of their progress. They were conscientious of closing the doors behind them to reduce heat loss (since the power and thus heat were turned off during the panel upgrade) So, their price was a bit higher than two of the others, but I feel that I received excellent service and workmanship for my money. I appreciated that they were able to work with my power company for the disconnect and reconnect, they handled the permitting and were able to arrange with the inspector (This city has an inspector with limited hours, so it was really good work for them to make all the arrangements and have everything go smoothly. I would certainly consider them first for any future electrical work.” Robin S. 11/03/13.

I recently needed to have a malfunctioning attic fan replaced.  I contacted Power Concepts to schedule the repair.  They were professional in their scheduling, service and explanations of the repairs provided.

Many thanks,

Jude Poulson 

October 11, 2011
Southern Home Builders, Inc. 
Box 382
Berryville, VA 22611

We at Southern Home Builders, Inc. would like to say thank you to Adam, Mike and the staff at Power Concepts, Inc. for a working relationship that has served our needs very well for the past ten years. 

Things that we appreciate are good scheduling, fair pricing and quality work. We believe building quality homes must be done with quality sub-contractors and we look forward to our next projects with you in the future.


Timothy J. McClenahan

March 14, 2012

I cannot give enough praise and admiration to the owners of Power Concepts, Adam and Debra Smith. They came to my aid when someone tried to break into my home. They installed a full house alarm system for me.

Now I can sleep at night and go away during the day without any worries.

Jane Bredl